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The Maasai are one of the most culturally distinctive tribes in Africa, easily recognizable for their brilliant red blankets and colourful bead jewellery. These semi-nomadic people are warrior pastoralists, famous for herding – and sometimes rustling – cattle, and for their fighting skills. Traditionally, all young men left their families at the age of 14 to begin their warriorship training, which meant surviving in the bush for more than seven years, with nothing but a blanket and spear. This extraordinary initiation into adulthood frequently involved having to kill lions and leopards – or be killed – and was designed to develop survival skills, and foster a knowledge of and communion with nature almost unheard of in the developed world.

Today, the Maasai live mostly in northern Tanzania, but they originally hail from South Sudan and began migrating into modern day Tanzania around the 15th century. By the mid 19th century Maasai territory was at its largest, spreading right over to the east coast of Tanzania. Many smaller ethnic groups were displaced by the powerful Maasai, whose impressive fighting skills included using a throwing club called an orinka, which they could lob with devastating accuracy from 100m away. Culture tour for maasai village can be arrange upon your request. We have villange maasai culture visit in mikumi national park, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Arusha most this region possiblity to visit and see the culture of maasai

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