Hardly any other destination on Earth can offer a wildlife encounter to match the annual Wildebeest Migration, and it is the best time to go to Tanzania when it is in full swing. Forming the centerpiece of most inaugural Tanzania safari itineraries, the Migration is a mind-blowing display of nature at her most extraordinary. About 2 million wildebeest, zebra and antelope run the gauntlet of predators as they migrate around the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in search of fresh grazing. This awe-inspiring event is one of the last mass terrestrial animal movements left on the planet – the herds are so big they can be observed from space!

The Serengeti National Park – Tanzania’s flagship conservation area – hosts the bulk of the Migration.
Mobile camps move regularly to stay as close to the herds as possible.
Some accommodations offer easy access to river crossing points.
Note: availability of well-located safari camps between June and October (river crossing season) is limited. If you want front-row seats to the dramatic river crossings, you should book your Tanzania safari at least a year in advance. Or opt to go when the herds give birth and graze their way across the plains, which is just as impressive to see but easier to guarantee – plus the tourist crowds are fewer. Chat with one of our Africa Safari Experts to plan your trip to coincide with the movements of the herds.

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